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Motion Control – Electric drives … … invisible helpers in our everyday lives!

driven magazine reveals where they are commonly used. Precision drive systems can be found in the home, in vehicles, and at work, making our lives simpler and safer. The current issue of driven, the maxon motor magazine, provides interesting insights into the world of drive technology. It also goes in search of an old friend. […]

Motion Control – MAXON Says, “Customize Your Drive System Online!”

                  Maxon motors introduces a NEW product line of innovative brushed DC motors, planetary gearheads and encoders. customers will find the new motors available for easy online configuration in the online shop. Within 11 working days, the finished drives are ready for shipment. Profit from these fast […]

Motion Control – Maxon’s Next Generation of DC Drives!

Motion Control – Maxon’s Next Generation of DC Drives! Maxon motor launches a completely new motion control product program. Fall River, MA – Motion Control – maxon motor, leading provider of high-precision drives up to 500 Watts, is launching a new range of MDC drives on November 13, 2012. This all-new product range consists of […]

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