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Intellidrives Motion Control Component - Rotary Table for Big Wafers

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Philadelphia, PA, — Motion Control Components and Systems – The ACR-335UT direct drive rotary table from IntelLiDrives adapts linear motor technology, coupled with precision bearings, to provide faster and more accurate handling of the 300 mm semiconductor wafers.

The 335 mm diameter center opening in the ACR-335UT rotary table easily accommodates large 300 mm (12 inch) semiconductor wafers, allowing for extraction of the chip dies from the wafer during semiconductor assembly manufacturing processes or dual side wafer inspection.

Presently, semiconductor assembly equipment manufacturers do only limited wafer rotation, but ACR-335UT stage goes 360°, at up to 300 rpm speed.

Intellidrives Motion Control Component - Rotary Table for Big Wafers Actuator

This large angle wafer rotation can be done without need to align wafer carrier before placement on the table, thereby increasing throughput. An XY table that carries the rotary table is used for linear Cartesian Alignment. The large open center allows equipment above and below the table to extract precut integrated circuit dies cut from the 300 mm wafer or to do dual side wafer measurement and inspection.


Intellidrives Motion Control Component - Rotary Table for Big Wafers in XY Frame

Today’s mechanical drive technologies used in processing 200 mm (8 inch wafers) such as gear drive, worm drive and belt all lack positioning stiffness and accuracy. While worm gear rotary tables can fully rotate wafer , it speed is in single digit rpm. Belt drives can rotate at high speeds, but low belt stiffness and high drive inertia results is low accuracy and poor dynamics.

While these characteristics could be tolerated in the past, since it was not until advent of the large semiconductor wafers that a high accurate, precise and large open aperture rotary actuator was needed.

The ACR-335UT rotary table is essentially a linear motor “curved” to form a ring. There are 16 RotoLinear motoring modules (up 24 modules can be installed for higher torque capability) within the ring that forms the motor. Axial placement of these modules along with the ultra-thin bearing system allowed design of the very low profile rotary stage.

The positioning stiffness of the direct drive ACR-350UT rotary table allows it to achieve and to maintain arc-sec accuracy at hundreds of rpm and excellent dynamics even during fast Cartesian (XY) wafer indexing.

Also vital, and the major manufacturing challenges, were the tight tolerances on the axial and radial bearings that allowed to achieve both axial and radial run-outs well under 10 microns.

AccuRing rotary tables provide superior angular positioning and are designed to eliminate backlash, friction and wear problems associated with worm, gear and belt drives. Low maintenance and high throughput characteristics of the AccuRing stage yields the lowest total cost of ownership.

Compact package and Superior design of the AccuRing rotary stages was optimized to minimize stage height. The low profile of the stage reduces total system working height. Angular contact bearings are used to maximize performance with respect to wobble, moment stiffness and friction. AccuRing stage has large clear center aperture that can be used for air or wire line feed-through or beam delivery.

AccuRing utilizes direct drive three phase planar brushless motor technology. There are no brushes to replace and no gear trains or belts to maintain. Coreless magnetic design assures smooth rotation and dynamic performance.

Accurate Positioning is assured with contact-less encoder. The motor and rotary encoders are directly coupled to eliminate coupling backlash. The low inertia and zero backlash make AccuRing the ideal solution for applications requiring frequent directional changes.


  • Semiconductor assembly
  • Electronics assembly
  • Precision machine tools
  • Robotic handlers
  • Wafer processing
  • Automation
System Performance Unit ACR-335UT
Center aperture mm 335
Outside diameter mm 463
Stage height mm 22
Peak Torque Tp


Continuous torque

air cooling, coil 120°C



Peak current at Tp Amp p rrms 15
Continuous current at Tc Amp c rrms 4
Recommended voltage (note 1) Uvdc




Max speed at Tp and Us

(note 2)

Max speed at Tc and Us

(note 2)

RPM 120
Positioning resolution

(note 3)



5,820,000 (standard)



Positioning resolution (arc-sec) 0.22
Accuracy Arc-sec <10
Repeatability Arc-sec <1
Run-out axial/radial micron <10
Rotor Inertia kg x m2 0.2
Stage weight M (Kg) 10
Axial load M (Kg) 50

Note 1: Rotary table can operate at lower voltages with lower speeds

Note 2: Speed values shown at rated torque

Note 3: Max speed may be limited by controller’s encoder frequency input.

Sin/cos 1 Vpp and other encoder resolutions available.

Contact the factory.

Intellidrives Motion Control Component - Rotary Table for Big Wafers Drawings




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