Artificial Heart Valve Tester Features Voice Coil Linear Motor from H2W Technologies

Heart Valve Tester with H2W Voice Coil Linear Motor

H2W Technologies voice coil linear motor technology is being used to create a life tester for an artificial aortic heart valve. The heart valve tester simulates the human heart pumping action. It operates under closed loop position control with 1 micron resolution linear encoders.
– Will track and follow any customer supplied waveform (analog waveform +/- 0 to 10 VDC)
– Ability to adjust frequency (Hz) and amplitude (motor stroke) independently
– Can be used for accelerated life testing of heart valve (hundreds of millions of cycles)
– Utilizes high reliability, non contact, Non Commutated DC Linear Actuator
– Has a standalone programmable motion control with DC servo amplifier
– Operates off of 110/ 220 VAC or 24 to 80 VDC

Heart Valve Tester with H2W Technologies Linear Motion Motor

Heart Valve unter test

Aortic Heart Valve under going test

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