Innovations Motion Control – Select XTREME 6000, Full Ceramic Radial Bearings from CERAMICSPEED for Extreme Environment Applications!

Innovations in Motion Control – Full Ceramic Ball Radial Bearings

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E. Longmeadow, MA — Innovations in Motion Control – The XTREME 6000 ZrO2 Series of Full Ceramic Radial Bearings from CeramicSpeed are designed to provide levels of performance in extreme environments beyond the capabilities of steel and even hybrid bearings. The complementing components of these bearings were carefully selected to provide the highest levels of performance in high temperatures, and adverse environments such as: Submerged in water, high pressure steam, chemicals, and caustic fluids.

The outer and inner races of these bearings are meticulously crafted from zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). Zirconium dioxide is exceptionally tough and has heat expansion properties closely matching those of steel for easy integration into new or existing applications.

Silicon nitride (Si3N4) was selected for the bearing balls as it can achieve the highest possible smoothness and roundness. The standard bearing cages are PTFE. Optional PEEK (Polyether ether ketone a thermoplastic polymer), cages with a high melting point can be specified as well as PTFE or PEEK shields. The combination of zirconium dioxide races and silicon nitride balls create a bearing with a very low coefficient of friction that are able to operate with very little or no lubrication. In extreme environments (high temperature, submerged, and corrosive atmospheres) they are unmatched in reliability, performance, long life, and efficiency.

XTREME 600 ZrO2 bearings in comparison to steel are lighter, nonconductive and nonmagnetic, with a much lower coefficient of friction than steel or hybrid bearings, and Silicon nitride (Si3N4) balls will not spall. Applications include: Medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, maritime, industrial, food, dairy and beverage.

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About LM76

Founded in 1976, LM76 has been a leading designer/manufacturer of linear bearings, slides and linear motion systems. LM76 is renowned for its industry leading Minuteman PTFE Composite linear bearings. LM76 is a leading supplier of precision linear shafting: RC60, 300 Series Stainless Steel, and ceramic-coated aluminum shafting. LM76 also offers several FDA/USDA compliant linear bearings and slides for the food processing, pharmaceutical, medical, and packaging industries.

For additional information contact Mike Quinn at: LM76, 140 Industrial Dr., E. Longmeadow, MA 01028; Telephone: 413-525-4166, Fax: 413-525-3735 or E-Mail: or visit the website at

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