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On 25th October the first issue of the new maxon motor magazine “driven” appeared. There you can read all about intelligent robots, drive technology and fascinating applications.

Fall River, MA – Motion Control – Whether exciting stories from drive technology, interviews with experts and tips on drive selection – the new magazine covers a wide range of topics in one issue. And each magazine has its own special focus. In the first issue of “driven” you can discover all about intelligent robotics. Learn how scientists take nature as a model for building robots and how a snake-like robot can wiggle into corners that are inaccessible to humans. Look over Prof. Rolf Pfeifer’s shoulder at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Zurich. In the Video you will see extraordinary robots.

Improve your knowledge in the selection of drives in our “expertise” category. The current issue is about power density in robotics. Take part in our competition and win a weekend in Zurich including a visit to the international robotics exhibition “Robots on Tour”.

Driven – maxon motor’s magazine appears three times a year for iPad and Android tablets. At the end of the year, the highlights will be published in a print issue. The maxon magazine is free of charge and can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or via Google Play Store. The printed version can be ordered via the contact form.


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