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Motion Control Bearings – Adhesive Dispensing Rotary Bearing Assembly

Motion Control Bearings – Custom Assembly At LM76, we embrace challenges that push boundaries. While competitors stick to selling standard products, we thrive on designing and manufacturing unique, low-volume specials. Ready to take on the extraordinary? 

Motion Control – Linear Servo Controller for Non-Commutated Motors!

Motion Control – Linear Servo Controller     Forestville, CA, – Motion Control – The SCA814 Linear Servo Controller was specifically designed to control single phase, non-comutated devices like voice coil motors. like it’s field proven predecessor the SCA754 is a high performance single axis DC motor controller and amplifier system. It is comprised of […]

Motion Control – NEW! A Series of 600 mm to 1000 mm High Precision Ball Bearing Linear Guide Stages Available from OES!

Motion Control – Long Traver Linear Stages       Van Nuys, CA – — Motion Control – A series of long travel, low cost, low profile, motorized, profile rail positioning stages are now available from Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES). The AQ140 Series of linear stages are available off-the-shelf in travel lengths of: 600 […]

Motion Control – Select from a Series of Compact Electromagnets to Meet Holding Force and Duty Cycle Requirements of an Application!

Motion Control – Electromagnets Motion Control – Van Nuys, CA – A powerful series of compact, low cost electromagnets has been released by Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS). Their E-22-150 Series of Tubular Electromagnets 1.5 in. in diameter x 2.15 in. feature 19 different windings to select from based on the duty cycle and holding force […]

Motion Control – NEW! Metric and Inch Dimensioned Electric Cylinders Feature High Speed, Zero Cogging, and 1.25 Micron Resolution

Motion Control – Electric Cylinders! Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – New, Metric and Imperial dimensioned Electric Cylinders or Linear Voice Coil Servo Actuators have been released by Moticont. The new, compact 25.4 mm (1.000 in.) stroke SDLM-025-095-01-01M and SDLM-025-095-01-01 Linear DC Servo Actuators feature high repeatability, high acceleration/deceleration, and zero cogging! These high […]

Motion Control Technology Newsletter – Say “Goodbye” to Grease Guns with CeramicSpeed Bearings!

Motion Control Technology Newsletter – SLT Dry Lube     Motion Control Technology Newsletter E. Longmeadow, MA – Lubrication, Lubrication Systems have always been a required – but less than desirable – facet of bearing life. What if you could go Lube-Free. For more information, call Mike Quinn 617-538-8756 email:

Motion Control Products – Introducing the New VLM-60 Multi-turn Encoder from Netzer Precision

Motion Control Products – Multi-turn Encoder       Vaughan, Ontario, Canada — Motion Control Products – Netzer is proud to introduce the new VLM-60 multi-turn, hollow shaft absolute rotary encoder, the ideal solution for smooth and continuous production with limited space.

Motion Control – Measure Very Small Angular Displacements of Very Small Components with Low Cost Digital Autocollimator!

Motion Control – Miniature Autocollimator Forestville, CA,   Motion Control —  The AC201 Digital Autocollimator is a high performance 2-axis non-contact digital angular displacement sensors. This new series of digital autocollimators builds on the field proven AC400 digital autocollimators previously offered. Like the AC400 series this new generation of autocollimators were specifically developed for companies that produce […]

Motion Control – Companies on Facebook

Motion Control – Facebook Pages – Companies invites you to check out these Company Facebook pages … Check out these other Motion Control Facebook Pages as well: See these and other Motion Control Components featured on: […]

Motion Control – Eight New High Resolution, High Repeatability Yaw-and-Pitch Stages for the Measurement of Angles and Curvatures!

Motion Control – Yaw and Pitch Stages   Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – Eight new Yaw-and-Pitch Stages have been introduced by OES (Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.). These new series of high precision Yaw-and-Pitch Stages integrate Goniometers as the lower stage (yaw axis) and a rotary stage as the upper stage (pitch axis). The […]

Motion Control – Select from the S-70-300H Series of 3 Inch Dia. Push Type Solenoids to Meet the High Force Requirements of an Application!

Motion Control – Push Type Solenoids Motion Control – Van Nuys, CA – Solenoids – The S-70-300H Series of high force Push Type Tubular Solenoids has been released by Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS). Ideal for strokes of up to 4.00 inches, this series of solenoids features 18 different solenoids to select from based on the […]

Motion Control – Miniature Hollow Core Voice Coil Servo Motor Is Only 0.625 in. in Diameter!

Motion Control – Miniature Linear Voice Coil Motor Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – The HVCM-016-013-003-01 Hollow Core Voice Coil Motor, features an open aperture and high force-to-size ratio. This miniature Linear DC Servo Motor from Moticont has a continuous force rating of 5.7 oz. (1.6 N) and a peak force of 17.9 oz […]

Motion Control – Hybrid Linear Bearings for the Times Bearing Failure Just Can Not be Allowed to Happen!

Motion Control – Ceramic Hybrid Linear Bearings E. Longmeadow, MA – Motion Control – Linear Motion – Pegasus Hybrid Linear Bearings for the times Bearing Failure just can not be allowed to Happen!  That is the the time when Down-Time is more costly then the price of the bearings.

Motion Control – Kollmorgen expands AKD2G versatility with the launch of new synchronized communication protocols

Innovations in Motion Control – Kollmorgen Servo Drives       Vaughan, Ontario, Canada — Innovations in Motion Control – Kollmorgen, a global leader in motion control systems, today announced the latest update to its AKD2G servo drive. With the introduction of these new features, Kollmorgen has broadened its offerings to additionally support PROFINET IRT […]

Motion Control – High Precision Linear, Pitch, Roll, and Yaw Positioning Stages Feature Four Motor Options!

Motion Control – Four-axes Linear, Pitch, Roll, and Roll Stages Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – The new Motion Control XGGR-50-10-15-60 Series of Four-axis Linear, Pitch, Roll, and Yaw Stages from OES (Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.) is the integration of a Linear-axis stage, two Goniometer Stages, and a Rotary Stage. The lower Linear axis […]

Innovations Motion Control – Select XTREME 6000, Full Ceramic Radial Bearings from CERAMICSPEED for Extreme Environment Applications!

Innovations in Motion Control – Full Ceramic Ball Radial Bearings     E. Longmeadow, MA — Innovations in Motion Control – The XTREME 6000 ZrO2 Series of Full Ceramic Radial Bearings from CeramicSpeed are designed to provide levels of performance in extreme environments beyond the capabilities of steel and even hybrid bearings. The complementing components […]

Innovations in Motion Control – Advanced Motion Controls Unveils Next-Generation FlexPro® EtherNet/IP Servo Drives

Innovations in Motion Control – EtherNet/IP Servo Drives       Vaughan, Ontario, Canada — Innovations in Motion Control – The FlexPro® drive series is AMC’s latest family of digital servo drives designed for high power, small size, and reliable servo motor control. The drive architecture allows for higher power densities while still maintaining reliability […]

Motion Control – Linear Focus Actuator from Equipment Solutions Features 200 Nano Meters Repeatability!

Motion Control – 200 Nano Meters  Repeatability Actuator!   Forestville, CA, – — Motion Control – This LFA-0604 Linear Focus Actuator: Flexture guidance system, 6 millimeter clear aperture, 4 millimeters of linear motion, 90 G’s acceleration (no load), 200 nanometers positioning repeatability, non-contact electro-optic position sensor, direct SCA814 Servo Controlled Amplifier compatibility, 38mm x 24mm, […]

Motion Control – Three-Axis Yaw, Pitch, and Roll Positioning Stages Feature Four Motor Options!

Motion Control – Yaw Pitch and Roll Stage Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – New compact three-axis, Yaw, Pitch, and Roll Stages from OES (Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.) feature four motor options to meet the precision and speed of travel requirements of an application. The YPR-10-15-60 Series of Three-axis Yaw, Pitch, and Roll Stages […]

Motion Control – Compact Rotary Solenoids Available in OEM Quantities, Can Be Performance Matched To An Application!

Motion Control – Rotary Solenoids Motion Control – Van Nuys, CA –The R-09-150 CCWM Series of Counter Clockwise, Forward Shaft Extension Rotary Solenoids from Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS), available in OEM quantities, features 18 different winding configurations allowing the user to match torque and duty cycle requirements to an application. These compact 38.1 mm (1.50 […]

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