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New Harsh Environment Motion Control Servo Drives From Servo2Go

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Greenville, DE — announces the release of the ‘AZX’ series of embedded, extended environment servo drives, from Advanced Motion Controls of Camarillo, CA, designed to conquer the most demanding of applications!

OEM’s have typically been challenged when attempting to implement motion control electronics exposed to extreme or harsh conditions. Well, not anymore! Available now are servo drives specifically made to handle outdoor, mobile and otherwise rugged environment applications. With extended temperature range, shock/vibration protection and overall increased robustness, the AZX series of embedded, plug-in modules are not only capable but powerful, compact and affordable solutions.

The AZX series servo drives can control brushed, brushless or voice coil motors under conditions where other products shudder to go. This is especially true since uncompromising reliability is paramount and costs critical to an OEM’s success. Check out these capabilities:

  • Heat sink temperature shutdown at +115°C (239°F)
  • Ambient operating temperatures from –40° to +85°C
  • Full temperature range cycling under 2 minutes
  • Shock up to 15g’s at 11 msec, ½ sine
  • Vibration up to 30grms’s on all 3 axes
  • Lightweight at only 95 grams (3.35 oz)
  • 10 to 80 VDC input power range
  • ~97% {max.} efficiency

  • When precise control of motion is required in some of the harshest of environments, the AZX’s capabilities can meet or exceed survivability requirements. Engineering design considerations made to military standards guarantee operations that set new motion control standards for extreme environments.

    Additional information on the AZX series servo amplifiers can be found at-

    For further information on this new product or others in our extensive product portfolio, call 1- 877-378-0240 or e-mail Warren Osak at or visit at:

    New NEMA24 High Torque Stepper Motors For Applications Where More Power Is Required

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    Greenville, DE — These NEMA standard 2 phase 1.8 degree hybrid motion control step motors offer high torque in a compact lightweight rugged housing. A variety of windings are available to meet most application requirements. These motors offer fast damping and high slew rates for better control in full/half or microstep mode. The torque levels reached with this step motor line makes them a cost effective alternative to servo motors in many applications.

    The HT24 motors are a new frame size step motor offering up to 30% more torque than the previous HT23 series in a similar package size. The only significant difference in size between an HT23 and HT24 is that the HT24 has a larger shaft diameter.

    HT24 motors are ideal for applications where more power is required but changing to a size 34 motor is not possible..

    HT24 motors are available with single or dual shafts, and all motors are optimized for microstepping.

    Features of these very capable High Torque Stepper Motors:

  • 30% more torque than the previous HT23 series in a similar package size
  • Stock to 2 week delivery
  • 1.8 degree step angle
  • 2 phase design with 4 lead configuration
  • Series, parallel or unipolar connection
  • Low detent torque harmonic
  • Rugged construction
  • High radial and axial load capacity
  • Runs cooler than most standard step motors
  • High acceleration yet low noise generator
  • High torque to inertia ratio
  • Optional encoder, brake or gearhead
  • Additional information on the HT24 high torque stepper motors can be found at-⊂=10001

    For further information on this new product or others in our extensive product portfolio, call 1- 877-378-0240 or e-mail Warren Osak at or visit at:

    New From Servo2Go – Exor introduces the Lowest Cost HMI on the market!

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    Greenville, DE — Servo2Go has just added new Low Cost HMI models to its broad range of Operator Displays from Exor Electronic R&D.

    Exor introduces its newest HMI display series to industrial motion control market. Known as the EffectiView or eV Series, these TFT Displays are quickly becoming recognized as the market leader in lowcost high performance touch screens.

    Features include:

    • Lowest Cost TFT Display In The Market
    • Off-line Simulation
    • On Board Ethernet
    • IP65 Sealing
    • High Quality TFT Displays
    • Easy Mounting
    • Free Software for First Time Buyers
    • New LED Backlight Designs Available
    • Single Programming Software for all effectiView Touch TFT Screen Models
    • Display Sizes 3.5” to 12.1More information on Exor’s HMI display series can be viewed at- further information on this new product or others in our extensive product portfolio, call 1- 877-378-0240 or e-mail Warren Osak at or visit at:

    Motion Control – Maxon’s Revolutionary and Robust – the MILE Encoder.

    Motion Control – Maxon motor unveils the world’s smallest inductive motion control encoder. Small, robust and accurate, maxon motor’s inductive micro encoder is a milestone in encoder technology. Secure against the effects of EMC, dust or oil, it has a configurable index pulse and integrated commutation signals. And its diameter is just 6mm.Motion Control - Maxon Miniature Encoder

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    Fall River, MA -MOTION CONTROL -The general basis of inductive encoders is that the inductance of one or more coils changes in relation to the material used. For example, a semi-circular iron core representing the material measure could be directed to a coil which then changes its inductance. However, there are drawbacks to simple inductive encoders, such as the temperature dependence of the soft iron/ferrite. External magnetic fields can also change the permeability of the material used, well below saturation point.

    This is why highly accurate motion control inductive encoders are ironless. The contrast is generated with eddy currents. These encoders have long been featured in large motors, but have not been produced for micromotors until now. maxon motor has invested heavily in the development of these greatly miniaturised inductive encoders. The result is the MILE, an inductive encoder where the contrast is generated with eddy currents. maxon’s Inductive Little Encoder is the smallest of its kind in the world.


    The new MILE encoder delivers 64 pulses at up to 120,000 rpm, has 3 channels, line driver and integrated commutation outputs. Typical areas of application are medical technology, robotics and industrial applications in harsh environments. The MILE is available in combination with the EC6 brushless DC motor, extending the length of the combination by only 1mm. Other combinations with large motors will follow. The data sheet on the MILE encoder with EC6 motor can be found at:

    Comprehensive documentation and software are included with every delivery, and are also available for you to download from our website at