Archive for February, 2012

Motion Control – Two Axis “Voice Coil” Stages feature: High Speed, and 0.1 Micron Accuracy!

Santa Clarita, CA — A New high precision, high speed two axis voice coil positioning stage featuring 0.1 micron resolution encoders for high accuracy and repeatability is available from H2W Technologies. “Voice coil” or “Moving coil” motors are recognized for their low moving mass and high acceleration/deceleration. Therefore voice coil driven positioning stages are ideal […]

Motion Control – MotionShop.Net Launches New Website!

MotionShop.Net  has an all new look! To celebrate the Editor – Publisher is asking for your comments: To USERS of Motion Control Components ……………. What do you like about MotionShop.Net? What don’t you like about MotionShop.Net? Is it a site you should check out daily or weekly? What feature(s) if added would make it a […]

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