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Motion Control – Three-Phase Linear Drive Does Not Sacrifice Acceleration for Resolution!

San Luis Obispo, CA – The newest addition to the Trust Automation line of Linear Drives is the TA330 linear three-phase servo drive. It is easily configured for three-phase DC brushless servo motors using Hall Effect sensors, three-phase AC brushless motors using external sinusoidal commutation, single-phase DC brushed servo motors in bridged mode, and brushless […]

Motion Control – Balanced Spring Mass Linear Actuator!

Santa Clarita, CA — H2W introduces its most compact motion control balanced spring mass actuator. The voice coil actuator (NCM02-05-005-4JBL) can be operated open loop and is ideal for controlled sinusoidal motion applications (1 to 1000 Hz for open loop applications and 1 to 125 Hz for closed loop applications). The NCM moving magnet type […]


  Burlington, MA — Motion Control – Steinmeyer, Inc. announced another option to its standard line of motion control precision ball screw products – hybrid ball screws using ceramic rolling elements. By using balls manufactured from silicon nitride instead of tool or stainless steel, Steinmeyer is able to eliminate micro-welding in the ball nut. The […]

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