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Motion Control Seminar – DC Motor Sizing Made Easy!

Motion Control – February 19 &20 – DC Motor Sizing Made Easy! A Practical Seminar presented by Jan Braun, maxon motor ag, Switzerland

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Motion Control - Electromate Maxon Course


[Textbook shown (a $65 US value) is included with your Seminar attendance]


Hilton Garden Inn – Dorval Aeroport

St. Laurent, PQ

Tuesday February 19, 2013



Radisson Plaza Mississagua – Toronto Airport

Mississagua, ON

Wednesday February 20, 2013



9:00 am –2:00 pm Lunch included


$89 CDN/person + HST* (*Ontario Only; Quebec registrants will be charged 5% GST only) if pre-registered by midnight January 3ist; after February 1st the cost is $109 CDN/person + applicable taxes.


To Register:

Visit or call us at 877-737-8698 with your credit card information

This half-day seminar provides the practical information you need to successfully select the right DC motor –- be it brushed or brushless –- for your application. You’ll learn about the interpretation of motor data and how you can use this information for motor sizing. Whether you need high speed and dynamics or just high torque, this seminar will teach you to size a drive with just the right power reserves avoiding costly oversized motors.

What You’ll Receive:

– Textbook: “The selection of high-precision microdrives” (a $65 US value) — A complete, easy-to-read reference guide for motor and drive selection OR you’ll receive an $89 Can. voucher to be used towards your next Maxon order (voucher expires Dec. 31, 2013)

– Maxon Formulae Handbook

– E-Learning software tutorial on USB Stick

– maxon catalog

What You’ll Learn:

– Basics of DC motor data. Learn how to interpret motor data sheets and use the speed/torque information for optimum motor sizing

– Systematic drive selection in the context of your application specific requirements and boundary conditions. This includes optimum power management, control loops, accuracy and ambient conditions

– Basics of gearhead data and their impact on motor selection

– Selection criteria for DC motors. Topics include the characteristics of different commutation types for brushed and brushless DC motors and when to use them

– Maxon selection program. Find out how this software-tool can help you select a servo motor

– Application examples. Learn how to extract the key parameters for drive selection from your application: The examples include continuous operation as well as dynamic operation cycles

– Motion Control: The main features and application possibilities of maxon EPOS controllers



09:00 – 09:45 Motor selection: What is it all about?

– The context of motor selection

– Application and situation analysis

– Extracting key load parameters

09:45 – 10:10 Properties of brushed and brushless DC motors:

– Design variants

– Brush systems

– Electronic commutation systems

10:10 – 10:20 Coffee break

10:20 – 10:50 Motor data sheets:

– Characteristic motor lines

– Operation ranges

10:50 – 11:30 Motor selection examples:

– Continuous operation

11:30 – 11:40 Coffee break

11:40 – 12:30 Motor selection examples:

– Cyclic operation

– Maxon selection program demonstration

12:30 – 13:00 Lunch break

13:00 – 14:00 EPOS and ESCON Systems:

– System architecture

– Introduction EPOS family

– Introduction ESCON family

– Demonstrations, Examples

For further information on this new product or others in our extensive product portfolio, call 1- 877-378-0240 or e-mail Warren Osak at or visit at:

Motion Control – AMP’s BLDC Drives & Motors Available from Servo2Go!

Servo2Go - Motion Control Motors & Drives from AMP


Greenville, DE –— Applied Motion Products is proud to announce the release of our new line of motion control brushless DC motor drives. The BD5 is a brushless DC motor drive that is based on advanced control technology featuring excellent performance and ease of use.

The motion control drive is aimed at OEM applications that require high performance, high speed stability, basic speed control and low cost. Its velocity modes are controlled by way of analog or multispeed digital inputs. The supply voltage for the drive is 12 to 48 VDC with an operating current of 5 amps RMS continuous and a peak current of 10 amps RMS.

The BD5 motion control brushless drive is an efficient and well-featured drive for use with our line of brushless DC motors. It provides stable velocity control over a wide speed range. Motor speed can be controlled by an on-board trimpot, a 0-5 volt analog input, or via the drive’s digital inputs. Dedicated stop and enable inputs are available, along with a dynamic braking feature that brings the motor to zero speed in a quick and controlled fashion.

To compliment the motion control BD5 drives, Applied Motion Products is offering three performance matched 42mm brushless DC motors. Maximum speed is 4500 rpm. Max continuous torque is 0.225 N-m (32 ounce-inches).

The motion control BL series brushless motors offer long life and low maintenance. They come in metric frame sizes and are offered with optional gearheads for applications demanding high torque. These are three-phase brushless motors with hall signals for commutation and velocity loop feedback.

For more information on the BLDC Drives & Motors from Applied Motion Products, click on the link below–

For further information on this new product or others in our extensive product portfolio, call 1- 877-378-0240 or e-mail Warren Osak at or visit at:


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