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Motion Control – Subscribe to Maxon’s Newsletters. The June 2013 Newsletter Is Available Now!

Motion Control – Subscribe to Maxon’s Newsletters. The June 2013 Newsletter Is Available Now!

Maxon Motors Publishes June 2013 Newsletter.

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Fall River, MA — Maxon’s latest 2013 Newsletter features news and articles on:

Ordering DCX drives online. Easily configure the new maxon DCX drives online from anywhere. The finished drive, when ordered online, will be ready for shipment from Switzerland in 11 working days or less.

New Products: The Maxon ESCON Module 50/5 and ESCON 70/10. These motion control servo controllers feature outstanding control characteristics and are designed for brushed and brushless DC motors with Hall sensors.

A detailed overview of the various trade fairs Maxon is represented at.

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Motion Control – Maxon Introduces the New 4 mm Micro Motor and Gearhead!

Motion Control – Maxon Motor was challenged to deliver maximum power in the smallest possible space and the result is the motion control EC 4 brushless motor.

Maxon motion control EC4 Motors and Gearheads

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Fall River, MA – Motion Control -Maxon motor introduces the EC4, a 4 mm diameter brushless DC motor and gearhead. The typical issue found with micro drives of this size is the output power is too low for the application requirements because of the physical limitations. maxon increased the performance of this tiny motor using the latest winding technology along with the most powerful magnets available. This motor is available in two lengths; short version with 0.5 W nominal power or long version with 1.0 W nominal power.

Maxon also incorporated a high quality motion control gearhead to ensure optimum continuous running. High performance ceramics are used for the gearhead carrier to make the motor capable of high input speeds and drive torques. The speed/torque gradient of the EC 4 is an impressive 50,000 rpm mNm-1 with a continuous torque of 0.4 mNm. There are options on the windings and encoders as well as different reduction ratios on the new 4 mm planetary gearhead.


Maxon Motion Control EC4 Motors and Gearheads -Cutaway

This motion control 4 mm brushless DC servo motor is becoming the benchmark solution in miniature pumps, surgical robots, diagnostic devices, endoscopes and anywhere miniaturization is critical. maxon motor has explored the limits of technical boundaries with this EC4 motor development.

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