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Motion Control – Measure Very Small Angular Displacements of Very Small Components with Low Cost Digital Autocollimator!

Motion Control – Miniature Autocollimator Forestville, CA,   Motion Control —  The AC201 Digital Autocollimator is a high performance 2-axis non-contact digital angular displacement sensors. This new series of digital autocollimators builds on the field proven AC400 digital autocollimators previously offered. Like the AC400 series this new generation of autocollimators were specifically developed for companies that produce […]

Motion Control – Companies on Facebook

Motion Control – Facebook Pages – Companies invites you to check out these Company Facebook pages … Check out these other Motion Control Facebook Pages as well: See these and other Motion Control Components featured on: […]

Motion Control – Eight New High Resolution, High Repeatability Yaw-and-Pitch Stages for the Measurement of Angles and Curvatures!

Motion Control – Yaw and Pitch Stages   Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – Eight new Yaw-and-Pitch Stages have been introduced by OES (Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.). These new series of high precision Yaw-and-Pitch Stages integrate Goniometers as the lower stage (yaw axis) and a rotary stage as the upper stage (pitch axis). The […]

Motion Control – Select from the S-70-300H Series of 3 Inch Dia. Push Type Solenoids to Meet the High Force Requirements of an Application!

Motion Control – Push Type Solenoids Motion Control – Van Nuys, CA – Solenoids – The S-70-300H Series of high force Push Type Tubular Solenoids has been released by Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS). Ideal for strokes of up to 4.00 inches, this series of solenoids features 18 different solenoids to select from based on the […]

Motion Control – Miniature Hollow Core Voice Coil Servo Motor Is Only 0.625 in. in Diameter!

Motion Control – Miniature Linear Voice Coil Motor Van Nuys, CA – Motion Control – The HVCM-016-013-003-01 Hollow Core Voice Coil Motor, features an open aperture and high force-to-size ratio. This miniature Linear DC Servo Motor from Moticont has a continuous force rating of 5.7 oz. (1.6 N) and a peak force of 17.9 oz […]

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