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Motion Control – Linear Servo Controller for Non-Commutated Motors!

Motion Control – Linear Servo Controller     Forestville, CA, – Motion Control – The SCA814 Linear Servo Controller was specifically designed to control single phase, non-comutated devices like voice coil motors. like it’s field proven predecessor the SCA754 is a high performance single axis DC motor controller and amplifier system. It is comprised of […]

Motion Control – NEW! A Series of 600 mm to 1000 mm High Precision Ball Bearing Linear Guide Stages Available from OES!

Motion Control – Long Traver Linear Stages       Van Nuys, CA – — Motion Control – A series of long travel, low cost, low profile, motorized, profile rail positioning stages are now available from Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES). The AQ140 Series of linear stages are available off-the-shelf in travel lengths of: 600 […]

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