Motion Control – Custom Linear Mechanisms

Motion Control – Custom Linear Mechanisms

Custom Linear Mechanisms from Steinmeyer …

Welcome to Where Precision Is.  You Can Turn to Steinmeyer for Design and Assembly of Custom Linear Mechanisms for your Precision Positioning Systems
Modern mechatronic systems consist of numerous precision components that must be assembled in complex configurations. Here, every detail counts.Steinmeyer Mechatronik, a division of August Steinmeyer GmbH, offers design and assembly services for a variety of demanding applications.We have deep experience in medical devices, laboratory instrumentation, optical inspection & semiconductor positioning. Our engineers can implement your finished design or optimize your concept.

For Example …

Highly Stiff Linear Axis for Optics

Construction of a flying telescope

The Max Planck Institute has built a helium-balloon borne telescope in the Sunrise project. This telescope hung from the balloon by means of a rope and ascended to heights of up to 24000m. The atmosphere is very thin at this altitude, and the conditions are similar to those in space. Such a balloon mission, however, costs only a fraction of a rocket launch with a conventional satellite, and represents an interesting alternative to space travel. Since the telescope hangs only on a rope, it bends due to gravity. Spherical mirrors were used, so that the bend of the optics could be compensated by simply shifting the optical components. The correction movements were achieved by the positioning systems shown here.

System with short strokes and excenter drive

The so-called M3 mechanism adjusts the tertiary mirror in the longitudinal direction and consists of a conventional carriage system and ball screw drive. For the M2 positioning system, which adjusts the secondary mirror in three translational degrees of freedom, a very short-stroke system based on an excenter drive was developed. Both positioning systems are driven by high-transmission miniature stepper motors with additional encoder feedback.

Trust Steinmeyer With Linear Mechanism Solutions:

    • We can assemble custom linear mechanisms of all sizes – from miniature actuators using 3 mm linear rails, to 3 m long lifting mechanisms.
    • As an added value, our engineers will offer innovative ideas for optimizing your design.
    • We can quote a completely assembled module, including sourcing of key components!
    • We offer our customers the advantage of a close working relationship, enabling us to provide you with the best possible solution to meet your needs.

Contact Person for Custom Linear Modules

Bruce Gretz

Phone: 781-273-6220

Bruce Gretz

About Steinmeyer

In the realm of linear motion control, Steinmeyer is synonymous with precision, innovation, and exacting standards of quality. We are the world’s longest continuously-operating manufacturer of commercial ball screws, our main product line. As an added value, we offer customized linear modules from our highly innovative and experienced Mechatronik division. Designed and manufactured in Germany, our products are used globally in precision positioning for medical devices, lab instruments, and other mechatronic applications. Steinmeyer engineers will work closely with you to customize our offering to deliver a solution that meets your technical requirements and budget.

For further information on Steinmeyer our extensive product portfolio, call 1-781-273-6220 or visit Steinmeyer at:

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