Motion Control – Ball Screws for Aerospace Applications from Steinmeyer

Motion Control – Aerospace Ball Screws

motion control- aerospace ball screws


motion control - custom stagesWoburn, MA — Steinmeyer develops customized solutions for many applications in the aerospace industry. Here are brief overviews of the possibilities of Steinmeyer Aerospace:


For actuators in various flap applications, Steinmeyer offers a wide range of ball screw drives. Our designs are already proven in volume production over many years and have a variety of features. These include specific solutions with spherical and gimbal suspension as well as modular systems.

Actuators for Braking Systems

In the field of ball screw drives for brake actuators, Steinmeyer has already implemented several products. The focus here is the development of specific solutions with extremely high load capacity, optimized solutions with minimized installation space, as well as customer-specific designs.

Electromechanical Actuators

For various other actuators in aviation applications, Steinmeyer draws on a broad spectrum of cost-optimized products. These include various applications such as solutions for air-conditioning and door actuators.

Aerospace | Unmanned Air Vehicles

Steinmeyer is a reliable partner in the field of space travel. We offer titanium versions in the for space travel and ball screw drives for the control of fins on missiles and unmanned air vehicles.

Steinmeyer Aerospace Possibilities

– Build-to-Print Production of existing programs according to existing designs. Short-term realization of your needs.

– Build-to-Spec Reliable partner in developing, designing, and manufacturing according to your specifications.

– Engineering Services Design and development of aerospace ball screw drives.

– Support Assistance with the aerospace qualification process.

motion control - product catalog

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About Steinmeyer

Steinmeyer is the world’s longest continuously-operating manufacturer of commercial ball screws. In the realm of linear motion control, our company has become synonymous with precision, innovation, and exacting standards of quality.

Steinmeyer’s extensive product line is used widely in drive systems for industrial machines as well as precision positioning in optical instruments, medical devices, and other mechatronic applications.

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motion control - custom stages


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