Motion Control – Open Aperture Voice Coil Motor Has 2.25 Inch Stroke and an Accuracy of Less Than 1 Micron!

Motion Control – Open Aperture Voice Coil Motor

motion control- linear motor

motion control - moticont


Van Nuys, CA – Motion control – Moticont has introduced an open aperture linear motor featuring a 2.250 in. (57.2 mm) stroke. The HVCM-051-038-019-01 DC Voice Coil Servo Motor has a continuous force rating of 4.2 lbs (18.8 N) and a peak force of 13.4 lbs (59.5 N) at a 10% duty cycle. Capable of high acceleration, deceleration, high speed, and zero cogging, this linear actuator has zero backlash when connected directly to a load. The 0.75 in. (19.1 mm) open aperture and smooth motion is ideal for focusing of optics or laser beams, illumination, and passage of cables and vacuum lines. It is also ideal for applications such as: Laser drilling, cutting, welding, and machining, medical diagnostic equipment, testing, optical focusing, laser beam steering, wafer handling, dynamic vibration absorption, assembly, and positioning applications.

The HVCM-051-038-019-01 DC Voice Coil Servo Motor has a body diameter of 2.000 in. (50.8 mm) and the housing is 3.500 in. (88.9 mm) long and is 5.14 in. (130.6 mm) long at mid-stroke. All linear servo motors in the HVCM series of open aperture brushless servo motors are extremely quiet, clean room compliant, and capable of high precision when used in closed loop applications.

Two 10-32 UNF-2B x 0.38 in deep. threaded mounting holes on 1.000 in. (25.4 mm) centers in the housing and coil allow for flexible and easy integration into new and existing applications. When used in closed loop applications with an adequate position sensor, resolutions of less then 1 micron are achievable.

If a longer stroke, higher force, a smaller foot print, or customized mounting is required, please consult Moticont’s team of engineers.

Moticont also supplies servo motor drivers and linear position sensors

About Moticont – Moticont is a manufacturer of motion control products. Their product line includes voice coil motors, three phase brushless motors and positioning stages and slides.

Moticont is committed to exceeding their customers’ quality expectations and industry standards throughout the design, manufacturing, service and technical support phases. Our modern manufacturing facility, highly controlled processes, committed staff, and extensive testing complement our product design strengths. This enables us to supply our clients with specialized small orders to high volume just-in-time deliveries.

We offer an extensive line of standard products ready to be shipped immediately from stock, and when standard products are not quite right for an application, highly trained design engineers are always available to develop custom motion control products to fit the specific needs or our customers.

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For additional information contact Moticont, “A Motion Company” at 6901 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406, USA; Tel: , Fax: (818) 785-5713, E-Mail: or visit the website at

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motion control - moticont

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